Here what our customers are saying about BFPA Ltd.


I first met Bain Blois and Clifton Flint of Blois Automation back in the Spring of 2017, they had dropped in to introduce themselves, I had asked them if they could supply a system to enclose my live lobster pound. I had in my mind a retractable wall, accordion like. They came back with a solution quite different however based on the design I found that it would meet my requirements. It was custom built to my exact measurements, made from PVC, 50’ long broken up into 4 separate panels allowing me access to only a portion of the pound at a time. Each panel has a viewing pane and attaches to the next panel via Velcro strips. All hardware is stainless steel, to include rails, brackets, wheels and grommets, perfect for our salty environment, the curtain panels attach to a “J hook”  and roll on nylon wheels smoothly inside the rails allowing control and ease of operation.

In the off season, I simply clean and store them! So far, these curtains have reduced the noise level in the plant, reduced the cold air spilling out on to the work floor leading to an increase in comfort for my working staff. Further, I anticipate that I will save on energy as the curtains do provide a small R Value, (think of a pane of glass), a protective barrier preventing the unwanted ambient air from heating up the pound water, therefore my chillers and refrigeration system do not have to work as hard!

All and all I am very satisfied and am hopeful of an ROI of less than 2 Years! With a 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty I would highly recommend these Blois custom built curtain panels to anybody who store(s) live lobster in an indoor pound, they are cost effective and really do work, they are better than tarps and strip curtains and the boys from Blois gave me color options to match my company branding and installed my logo on each panel at no charge!

~Paul Hatfield of South Shore Lobster


I have been doing business with Bain Blois since he was a sales rep at the other company that sells grading equipment and sorters. Bain always brought the best technology and represented the company and himself in a honest and professional manner. I was pleased to see Bain form his own company and that he expanded his offering to include the assistance to buy and sell used equipment. There are some functions in a processing plant that justify buying new and some that don’t. Bain is driven to find a solution for the customers need and will tell you if the equipment you are looking to buy is the right fit for the purpose. I always consider Bain as a source whenever I am buying or selling equipment for processing seafood.

~ Jeff Holden, Portland Shellfish Co. Inc.


I am pleased to provide a testimonial in support of Blois Fish Processing Automation Ltd. and its founder, Bain Blois. I have known Bain personally and worked with him professionally for many years. Over the years, Bain has focussed on establishing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our company. Bain’s access to international commercial fish and seafood processing equipment companies together with his extensive knowledge and experience within the industry, positions him uniquely in Atlantic Canada as an expert and specialist in class. We have always been extremely satisfied with our business dealings with Bain and we highly recommend him and Blois Fish Processing Automation Ltd.

~ Joe Carter, Facilities Manager Lobster Division, Ocean Choice International


Just a word to say that we are very happy with Ken’s services.

~ Lynn Albert, President, LA Trading Co., Inc.