8 Station Compact Grader

Live Lobster Grader


Riverside Tail Grader

8 Station / Batching Bins / Removable Table


Maine Coast: 10 station grader

Ready Lobster: 10 station grader

Greenhead Lobster: 8 station grader

Nautical Seafoods: 6 Station grader

 By the Water Shellfish: 6 station grader

Riverside Lobster: 10 station grader

Compact Graders

Since 1997, Marelec has been the pioneer in compact graders. This means: infeed, weighing and outfeed in one simple and robust solution. All of this guaranteeing the precision obtained by other classic graders. The patented Marelec solution leads the way in this field trough various batching and other outfeed from 2 till 8 stations combined left/right and in line.


  • Vulnerable & small products
  • Fishfillet (fresh or frozen)
  • Frozen lobstertails
  • Oysters