IQF Tunnel Freezer

IQF Tunnel Freezer


Crust and full freezing belts combined in one freezing unit

High quality

No belt marks on the product surface


Can handle various product type and sizes

Capacity range

The freezers are available in various sizes with the capacity range of 250 kg up to 5.000 kg per hour

Compact unit

Ideal for plants with limited floor space and can be located outside


Once a week cleaning

Energy efficiency

Minimal ice building inside the freezer results in decreased energy usage in defrosting and cleaning the freezer

The Skaginn 3x IQF Tunnel Freezer is ideal for freezing fish fillets where yield, quality and shape are a concern. Beside fish products, the freezer can handle various products. The freezer has multiple level of conveyors which increases the dwell time inside the freezer and ensures that the product is fully frozen when it exits the freezer.

The freezer is designed to run throughout the week without complete defrosting which results in electricity and labor saving. Equipment outside the freezer’s enclosure can be cleaned every day without interfering with the freezer. After working hours, the freezer can be set to overnight storing mode full of product. The benefit of this is that no time is wasted during working hours to start up the freezer in the morning and/or wait for it to get empty in the afternoon.