STEEN ST700V10 Automatic skinner short model

STEEN ST700V10 Automatic skinner short model

The STEEN ST700V10 has been designed to cut deeper and removes the dark meat from salmon and other fish such as tilapia, barramundi, walleye/pickerel and catfish

It produces a higher quality fillet.

The STEEN ST700V10 also meets the latest demands concerning hygiene and sanitation. The machine features a whole new stainless steel design which simplifies the cleaning of the machine and reduces cost on water usage.

The belting can be taken off from the conveyors without using any tools while the conveyor frame stays on the machine.

This makes it very easy to disinfect the belting.

The complete blade-unit as also as the in-feed-rollers, can be removed without using any tool as well.

At the outside of the machine one can set the skinning knife which makes it easy for the processor to choose for high yield skinning or deep skinning, according to his customers needs. The STEEN ST700V10 also has a double in-feed which guaranties sufficient skinning capacity.