Baader 184 *JUST ADDED*

Baader 184 *JUST ADDED*

The machine has always been serviced by a Baader technician (2-4 times a year) as needed.

It is regularly used and regularly maintained. It is still in production showing 29,035 hours when pics were taken

Recent maintenance includes:

  • New saddles, new chain for saddles, new motor for knives and about 2 years ago new cutter knives.
  • There is also a newly built safety enclosure with extensions on each chassis connected to the stop switch.
  • Please note the s/s cage that has sensors connected to the stop/start switch. This was an expensive addition made by the owners.

It is currently used for 1 – 3kg. fish

Price is $73,000CAD – CIF Halifax. Contact Bain for more details.